Marriott Hotel

The Courtyard by Marriott is set on a waterfront location along Khlong Prawet Buri Rom, a natural waterway with a pleasantly cool and verdant residential community on both sides of the canal. Elements of local waterfront architecture and culture were incorporated into the design, creating a captivating staggered complex of mid-rise buildings. Materials, elements and space were applied to emulate the feel of traditional waterfront residences. The building dimensions, the use of windows and openings in the style of waterfront residences help to simplify the design while accentuating the façade form. Colours were chosen to preserve the look and feel of a waterfront residence. The resulting architecture is a building complex that is timelessly in harmony with its surroundings, mutually supporting one another. A sister hotel within the same tower is the Fairfield. Taking on “Sky Living” in a different way. “Living within the clouds” becomes the inspiration for the art direction of the property, balancing they are in between tranquility and urban dynamic. Our hotels are reflections of the local areas they are situated in. We build into our design elements from nature and human interactions with nature. Our buildings are reflections of the areas they are in. This concept allows us to produce fresh ideas and innovative new designs. We build hotels that are unique but have strong links to where they are located.

Marriott Executive Apartment

When we look at the Project Marriott Executive Apartment, we are inspired by its architectural and site character. As a low-rise, we see a profound relationship between the building and its neighborhood. Observing the site, the residence is located in one of the most active and most vigorously developing parts of town, Thonglor or Akamai area. These two districts are two of the most enriched and hip sections in Bangkok. Blending with the rich cultural filled neighborhood like Prakanong, we see interesting details that can be applied and create reflection of the neighbor on the interior design of this building. The modern guest room is designed to create a private environment. Yet it is given an awareness of a city reflection through hint applied on carpet pattern and wall decoration. It is recognizable image resembling silhouette of the city that can be glanced through an alley or gaps between buildings. We apply rich material such as antique brass, wood pattern, referring to the local neighbor with eclectic culture. A combination of these senses in the complex creates a unique ambient, a reflection of Bangkok that can be observed a single location.