M Plaza is a mix use forum that offers one-stop shopping and dinning experience for tourists and guests of the hotel. The plaza is connected to the Courtyard by Marriott, a four star hotel servicing visitors communing from downtown Bangkok to Suvarnabhumi Airport and from the airport to the city center. It is designed to meet the needs of vibrant and dynamic environments that bring people together with greater hospitality and bring about the sense of community. The minimalist and practical design offers great flexibility that accommodate the diversity of the hotel guests and the diversity of local lifestyle of local community. In the front the plaza is the expressway that leads to the modern age and behind the plaza is the canal that leads to the tradition way of life in Thailand. The canal communities in Thailand illustrate a rich charming culture of the Thai people and their “way of life" that is harmonious with nature and modestly peaceful vibe. We welcome you to M plaza where the old ways meets the new ways; where old lifestyle meet the modern lifestyle—all existing in one place. The plaza is a symbol of hospitality of the Thai people to service our international guest from around the world.