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A valuable company
creates great value for

We believe that a valuable company creates values for society. Essentially everything they do is forcing and enforcing change to create positive influences in people’s lives in a positive way. Creating the force of change for good is what a great company strives to do. Becoming a force for good is what great companies strive to be. Thus, creating change for good means creating a solution for humanity.

Whether the company is priceless or worthless all depends on our ability to learn, embrace change and adapt to the world

A company must learn to adapt and learn to embrace change in order to survive. We must find a way to motivate ourself to change in order to grow. Growing requires a significant amount of learning. Business is essentially a learning institution. Learning is part of what every great business does every day. Learning should be a major part of our job as investors. Alway be learning because learning will help you to realize more opportunities and more ideas. Learn to embrace what the customer wants, embrace change and adapt to the needs of society. Finding the right balance between what we do as a company and what the world wants is the key to success.

Empowerment is a great motivator
We are motivated by what empowers us

If we know what motivates and how to motivate our teams then we can empower them to evolve—to be great at what they do and to do great work. If we know what motivates our customer and know how to empower them then we can grow our customer base. If our team evolves, our product will evolve then our customer will evolve and our company will evolve. It’s all about empowering and motivating employees and empowering and motivating customers.

If we know what motivates and how to motivate our teams then we can empower them to evolve

Empowered people will do improve their life and motivate them to grow. As a result it will increase their willingness to invest more of their time, effort and money. Evolving requires certain amount of empowerment to achieve sustainable growth. If you want someone or something to grow, you need to empower them and motivate them. Therefore a company should strategically plan what and how to empower and motivate its people and its customers. Empowerment is improving the condition and environment in which people can experience exponential growth in health and wealth. If you can improve the health and wealth of your people and your customers, in return your company will live a long life.
People who don’t embrace change do not motivate anything or anyone and are therefore are not empowering anything or anyone. People who don’t embrace change are not motivated by anything or anyone and therefore will not be empowered by anything or anyone. That is not what we want to be. What we want to be is a company that is a source of great empowerment and motivation for people.